SO there I was…

Yeah.  SO there I was, being all stay-at-homey two years ago.  Well, shit got real y’all.  Hubs no longer works full time, so mama works two jobs.  We FINALLY got his disability rating from the Veteran’s Administration that allows him a disability pension (from serving in Afghanistan).  He makes enough to stay home and work on himself, meanwhile I’ve re-entered the full-time work force.  I am not in the least complaining, I like to work.  I like getting out of the house.  I love our darling 5 KIDS (if I could make those letters any bigger I would) but I need a little time off too.  And by time off, I mean working 60 hours a week.  Vacation, right?  Well as it turns out, hubby is a pretty good stay at home mommy.  He bakes shit and makes fully home-made-from-scratch meals.  I suck at cooking.  Did I mention that?  Even at my best, they are better off with him in the kitchen.  He also makes me these amazing and very healthy lunches.  I dork out and instagram them because even though I’m not really a blogger anymore, I need my social media.  He won’t do cloth diapers, nor spend time doing crafts in the afternoon, but I can only ask so much from a man!  He has mentioned to me that he realized he really missed out with the first 2.5 kids because he was the one gone at work all the time.  Tables have turned.  I miss being home, but I’m glad he gets a turn.  I’m also glad he gets more poopy diapers than I do.  Even if they’re not cloth.IMG_20140512_183627

Hold on, I’m stalking you

So I’ve had this Facebook account forever.  It was cool right away, finding new friends, catching up with old ones.  Suddenly knowing everyone’s bid-ness. (“took a shower, eating dinner now..” and the world stands still)  I waste enough time not cleaning my house without pretending I maintain a farm.  I grew tired of it and left it alone for quite some time.  Then I went back and realized the joy of snooping through your pictures.  Reading old comments about boyfriends and kids and trying to find the day they went from “in a relationship” to “single”.  I always turn off the “on line” indicator.  I don’t want people chatting with me.  I’m not here to socialize.  I’m too busy stalking you.  I don’t have time to tap out little bits of minutia about how you are… I already saw your status.  You drank heavily last night.  Awesome.  But emoticons are not really my thing, so don’t make me use them.  I just want to ignore our semi-real interaction and snoop through our mutual friends list.  Just sayin.

Hello world!

Um, yeah.  So here I am.  Blogging randomly, while my children play XBox 360.  No, they don’t play it constantly, but it keeps them busy.  Meanwhile I’m exiled to the computer because the video games just happen to be hooked up to the largest television we have.  That would be my husband’s choice.  There’s no sense playing NCAA Football on a tiny screen, right?  I say there’s no sense playing NCAA Football when there are dishes to do and laundry to fold, but who am I to complain?  Right, I’m the maid. Wait…..  I’m  the one who gets to watch 6 kids (two of which are not our, BTW – me=sucker) next week while hubs is in Florida.  Sure he’ll be taking very intensive classes that week, but you can’t tell me that a university that prides itself on being at Daytona Beach would not have something for him to do once classes are out for the day.  I doubt he’ll be heading directly back to the dorm rooms for a night alone with Facebook.  You bet your booty I’ll be stalking him.  I gotta let him know the trials and tribulations on the home front while he’s strolling down the beach.  So play away kids, warm up the XBox 360, mama needs the quiet time.

xbox on the big screen